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“ Mi opinión personal sobre trabajar con Goldentex, es en relación a los personal bastante acogedora y agradable, y en los temas laborales son una empresa servicial, que su único objetivo es agradar al cliente, buscando todo tipo de soluciones.” Translation: “My personal opinion about working with Goldentex, is that the people are very welcoming and pleasant, and in the work relationship, they are a service oriented company, whose only goal is to meet the client’s expectations, offering all kind of solutions." .....More

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Goldentex carries diverse and unique products in various categories, but the real advantage of working with Goldentex, is their development abilities to match their items to their customers’ needs and to the fast pace global retail environment......More

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"G'Tex is a fantastic mill for all the latest fabrics in wools and wool blends. They have a great archive to source from and their fabric developments are accurate for the UK High St. My main orders with them for Marks & Spencer have been on their stretch quality fabric bases, both wool Lycra and poly wool Lycra. Both qualities have been successful in volume. A friendly team and great service is also what I recognize with Goldentex." .....More

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Easy going for new development, OK with smile for small orders,Finally I have nice fabric......More

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"Extensive range of fabrics for all tailored garment requirements, very competitive, good quality with an excellent design team" .....More

Wool Mark

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Taking the wool off the sheep’s back is called “Sheering”, sporting competitions are held for the most efficient farmer to sheer his sheep in many wool producing countries.

The series of operations made afterwards is called “Top-making”: Top-making includes “Scouring” which is washing the fiber, hence “Gilling and Combing” which is the arrangement of the fibers in a continuous form without twisting. During scouring and combing harvested wool loses around 50% of its weight due to discarding short fibers, animal fat, vegetable matter, etc.

The wool fiber “Wool Tops” coming out of the above operations can then be dyed as fiber or used in its raw color in the spinning process. In Goldentex we dye the fiber prior to spinning, which is the most prized technology due to its ending quality results.

The "Wool tops" is the raw material for spinning process, dyeing can take place after spinning or even at a later stage after the weaving process.

Photo to the bottom left source: Attribution: Martybugs at en.wikipedia Photo to the bottom middle source: was posted to Flickr by The Powerhouse Museum Author died more than 70 years ago - public domain Photo to the bottom right source:,_ca._1908.jpg, Kynuna wool scours, ca. 1908 Attribution: Public Domain.



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