The Origin Of Goldentex

Arafa’s business dates back to 1907 when Abdel Ma’ssoud Arafa established himself as a fabric retailer in the Nile Delta region. After many years in the Delta Area, the Arafa family moved its fabric retailing business to Cairo to increase visibility and to capitalize on the growing urban market. The business was constantly expanding from 1907; and in 1982 the late Mr.Ahmed arafa founded Goldentex Wool Company, which engaged in the production of textiles from raw materials to a finished product. After Mr. Ahmed Arafa’s passing, his two sons, Eng. Ashraf Arafa and Dr. Alaa Arafa, continued to further develop and expand the family business as fabric and garment manufacturers and retailers.

Goldentex Today

Goldentex is a worsted wool textile manufacturing company established in 1982 in Egypt by the late Mr. Ahmed Arafa. It is one of the most reputable textile companies in the region, driven by a produce-to-order strategy, constantly meeting customer demand and exceeding expectations. The company integrates all fabric manufacturing processes in a vertically integrated model with cutting edge technologies.

The vertically integrated model engulfs the technologies needed to engineer fabric and create designs which match customers’ desires, accompanied by quality that ensures utmost satisfaction.

Over the years, Goldentex gained the trust of many world renowned customers such as Zegna, Brooks brothers, Marks & Spencer, GAP, and numerous others. Our export reach extends to several regions and countries around the world, with the largest quantities predominantly exported to Europe and North America. Goldentex is one of several companies within Arafa Holding, partaking in a vertical integration business model.