Our Mission, Vision & Values


“A Design that captures attention, and a feel that appeases senses”


We aspire to reach the top, and to stay there. Each day, we move one step closer to our vision through continuing to offer excellent quality and service to our customers, maintaining their loyalty, expanding our customer base, and much more. We thrive to offer the best we can through our capabilities, constantly developing and improving them to remain in the game and keep up with the latest trends and developments.


The promise of quality

Our values preliminarily comprise of delivering the promised quality, being dedicated to our customers, ensuring ethical production which does not contribute any harm to the environment, and giving back to the society.

Over the years, Goldentex; one of many companies owned by Arafa Holding, has proven to meet its promise; optimal quality, value, unique designs, and customer satisfaction. Our customers have remained our top priority throughout the years, we thrive to fulfil their needs and wants, delivering a product that realizes their vision and gives their garments a competitive edge in the market.

Moreover, the company has managed to earn multiple prestigious rewards and certifications in the field, proving its dedication to ensuring finest quality and the latest trends are delivered to customers after being designed and manufactured in-house with cutting-edge technology and highest attention to detail.

Customer Satisfaction

Our R&D teams are always at our customers’ disposal to meet the customers’ needs for a particular design, quality, or cost; through re-engineering designs, and innovating the manufacturing process whilst ensuring the best materials are used to ensure durability.

Furthermore, our quality control teams carry out continuous inspections and enforce strict control procedures as a strategic function of Goldentex manufacturing capabilities and processes. With years of accumulated experience, complying with international standards, and innovative technology, the company has managed to maintain an excellent standard of customer satisfaction, ensuring loyalty over the years. Our main goal is not only customer retention, but also constantly expanding our existing customer base, and manufacturing capabilities accordingly.

Environmental sustainability

When it comes to the environment, we abide by our sustainability program, which involves recycling the water used, ensuring our yarn suppliers abide by certain environmental standards etc …

For more information regarding our sustainability program, click here.

Moral responsibility

Arafa is committed to improving the well-being, living standards, knowledge, and skills of the communities in which it operates. We therefore have several projects dedicated solely to philanthropic activities such as:

• Arafa Charity Hospital
• Yehia Arafa Children charity Hospital
• Housing Facilities for Workers
• Children Day Care for working mothers

Additionally, we always ensure we have no less than 5% of our employees with disabilities, we prefer to see them as unique employees whom are differently-abled rather than dis-abled, and believe in their talents and capabilities.